“Artistic Red Poppies” Flat Handmade Candle

“Artistic Red Poppies” Flat Handmade Candle

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A unique, standout gift featuring beautiful red poppies with colorful accents. These flat candles are drip-resistant and hand-painted in Lithuania.  The twin wicks burn evening and are self-extinguishing as they near the steel base, without dripping wax or smoke.  Metal stand is included in candle packaging and doubles as a snuffer.  These candles fit nicely inside a greeting card or gift box, and they are also a wonderful stocking stuffer. 

Unscented and smoke-free.  

Handmade from Lithuanian and German raw materials: Highly refined paraffin wax, steal, and organic cotton (wick). 

Handpainted in Lithuania. 

Dimensions: 2.4" x 0.4"" x 5.9"

Weight: 0.22 lb